Introduction M.R.samarth 40

M.R.samarth 40, A true Vidyapeeth is integral unit of M.R.samarth. While experiencing the relevance of Gurukul teaching and nurturing for producing topers of IIT/Apex medical schools and realizing this fact that Gurukul Parampara not only develops the subject knowledge but also it refines the performance developing factors, controlling the day today activity and developing the habit to achieve success in any field. The idea of M.R.samarth 40 in Haryana was born when the team of M.R.samarth League realized the desperate need of confidence development among rural and semi developed cities’ students. The team believe in the hidden potential and talent of remote location students.

At M.R. Samarth 40 we try to develop the skills of self evaluation, focus and acumen to achieve the goal by dedication and commitment. 

M.R.samarth 40, A group of dedicated aspirants extracted by the M.R.samarth 40 Scholars Admission Test (Super 20 -SAT). The mentors from M.R.samarth will take care of complete preparation of CBSE and IIT/PMT for the Super 20 students with aim of nurturing their potential to confirm 100/100 seats in IIT/PMT. To keep super 20 on track toward their goal, the team M.R.samarth guide, support and counsel them along with teaching every day, every hour. To enhance the performance of super 20 scholar, the team M.R.samarth provide them performance based scholarship. For super 20, this scholarship means an achievement & support to their parents and aim to reward the sincere efforts of student rather than a charity.