1. The admission and scholarship to any academic programme at M. R. Samarth is bound with the Memorandum of Agreement signed by scholars through parents and their undertaking.
  2. All the students and parents must abide rules and regulations Gurukul Campus (Hostel) and they must follow code of conduct directed by M. R. Samarth. Students must abide with the Rules and Regulations of Hostel. They should strictly follow the rules & regulations. The parents must co-operate with the hostel norms and must adher the undertaking given by them at the time of admission.
  3. Incomplete’ form will be rejected. It is compulsory to attach photocopy of marksheet of class IX and recent passport size photographs to the admission form.
  4. It is compulsory/mandatory to provide Mobile No. / E-maiII.D. of the student / father / guardian. The result of tests or any other information by the Institute will be sent to the student via sms or on E-mail I.D. Institute shall not be responsible if any information regarding result or anything else is not received by the student if he/she has not given his/her Mobile No. / E-mail I.D. in Super20-SAT Application Form at the time of application.
  5. The student must maintain following minimum /academic standards set by AASMC during the entire two years of coaching at the Institute:

    • The class attendance of the student in the coaching class should not drop below 95% throughout the program.
    • It is compulsory for students under this program to write all test papers conducted by the Institute in their batches.


    • The students will be required to maintain a minimum of 50% marks in their Weekend Assessment Tests (WATs).
    • Please note that the average in all test for all the subjects including improvement tests will be taken in to account.
  6. Any act of indiscipline by the student brought to the notice of the Director of AASMC, whether in the hostel premises or in the classroom centre, will not be accepted. A warning will be issued to such students, before offering them another chance to improve their behaviour.
  7. Despite warning, if the student does not alter his/her attitude and commits another act of indiscipline further, his/her candidature for the free-ship program will be revoked with immediate effect and further diseiplinary action, which may leads to suspension/restigation of the student from institute as per the decision of Director.
  8. If a student keeps himself/herself absent from the classes without prior permission from the AASMC/ Director, then he/she will be issued warning. Despite the warning letter, if the student further continues to default and does not change his/her attitude, then the free-ship program of such student will be revoked with immediate effect.
  9. However, if a student continues to absent himself for more than two weeks due to health issues or any other reason without prior permission from the AASMC/ Director, his/her candidature for the freeship program will be revoked.
  10. Any student debarred from the freeship scheme due to any of the aforesaid reasons, can re-apply for admission and permission of Re-admission is the sole discretion of AASMC/ Director.
  11. Students selected in the course through Super20-SAT, will have to mandatorily stay in the hostels provided by M. R. Samarth. A student can be exempted from this rule only on special request and written permission from the Director/ AASMC. In case, the request of a student is turned down by the Director/ AASMC and he/she still choses to stay in any other PG or Hostel, then he/she will not be offered freeship facility of Super20-SAT.
  12. If any security amount will be deposited at M. R. Samarth, It will be refunded. Only security amounts are refundable.
  13. Due to any personal reasons if a Super 20 candidates withdraw admission (after seat confirmation), then he/she shall be liable to be penalized by the penalty amount equal to the 2 years course fee by the student against the waste of seat at M. R. Samarth.